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The route begins in Lourenzá and its first meters run along the edge of the river Batan, near the urban nucleus. We will cross different population centers between large areas of plantations of the typical faba of Lourenzá, and we will find churches and country houses such as Pazo de Tovar, completely restored and visitable with guide.

We will arrive to the Miradoiro da Valiña, where you can see beautiful views of the valley.

After the viewpoint, you can see Monte del Calvario and the town of Santo Tomé, where you can see houses with colonial architecture, the pazo of Santo Tomé, and the recreation area of ??Pereiro, where there is a charming pedestrian promenade on both sides Of the river Baos with wooden bridges and waterfalls.

The next section of the route until reaching the junction with the provincial road from San Xurxo to Alaxe, are slightly more than 3 km of mountain route, where there are only pedestrian access sections but of great natural beauty and sections of dirt tracks advisable Just for SUVs.

The last stretch of mountain, is about 1500 meters by Mount Vilar, until you reach the J. Antonio Otero Fernandez polideportivo pavilion, Lourenzá. At the top of Mount Vilar, we can see views of the whole area to Foz.

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